Kalos Sthenos

Kalos Sthenos is Greek for, "Beautiful-Strength".
Im a Professional musician, bibliophile & amateur oneironaut tracking/logging my path to happiness, fitness(P90X Grad 2.11.12. & Body Beast 8.4.13), self mastery and consciousness expeditions & explorations.

P90x Week 5, Day 5: Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X

Not the smartest thing but I havent eaten for a few hour and just hitting the P90x. Week 5, day 5; Legs & Back + Ab Ripper X. I did just swallow a Met-Rx protein bar. I re-installed Slacker Radio on my phone and took it to the old school. Helmet. Then Danzig came on…not a big fan…but most reggae songs are even faster than the Danzig song that came on, so I switched it to Pantera…cowboys from Hell…haha…bring it!

My wrist is still quite sore & the Pull ups were even tougher for me than usual. All of a sudden I got a massive headache. feck. I pushed and pushed through. A few times I thought I was starting to get a bit nauseous. I ended up taking 2 aspirin pills (hate taking pills) headache got real intense. I thought I couldn’t finish, but I PUSHED myself!!!

The chair pose destroyed me! My whole body shook and my glasses got foggy.


Ab ripper X was crazy, the first 3 exercises are ok but then it gets crazy intense.

I didnt think I would be able to finish then came the Mason twists, I took 1 break there but I finished. One again I did my best and forgot the rest.

I was soaked!

I always think back to this homeless guy I know that could do #100 1-handed pushups. He pulled me away from the crowd and said, “You can do this too, its all in your mind, its easy, just tell yourself you can do it, Im an old man, you can do this, its easy”

Remember….Your only enemy is your mind!

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