Kalos Sthenos

Kalos Sthenos is Greek for, "Beautiful-Strength".
Im a Professional musician, bibliophile & amateur oneironaut tracking/logging my path to happiness, fitness(P90X Grad 2.11.12. & Body Beast 8.4.13), self mastery and consciousness expeditions & explorations.

P90x Day 100: Shoulders & Arms -AbRipper

It feels good to work out the glamour muscles. Been waiting for shoulders & arms day…it hurts so good! I gotta run off to work. Im committing the crime of skipping Ab Ripper today…been up from 9am with rehearsals and such..wont be back home til 5am. I hate skipping Ab ripper. Ill make up for it possibly tomorrow…or who knows maybe when I get home at 5am…heheh. P90x is really changin my life…its awesome. I increased weights and reps on some exercises today. Not looking forward to Yoga tomorrow. But I need the flexibility. I also need to force myself to drink water. People have noticed me walking around with the gallon of water…and now my bandmates make fun of me. Even the bass player of a famous band called me out last nite…he was like, “really you really drink that much water to carry a gallon”. I felt a lil funny just cause I dont look like a body builder. But im not about to compare myself to anyone…just keep on my path…and do my best!

Oh…I closed off the workout with 10 upside down push ups against the wall.
and 46lbs dumbbells Shoulder Shrugs 3 sets of 30 reps. Also 10 reps of 40lb curls…

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